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Making Art out of Art

I have always been interested in Art.  Especially calligraphy.  So its no surprise that when I first started hearing about a street artist by the name ElSeed I would eventually shoot his work. My first experience with him came when he was commissioned to paint this:   (shot on iPhone) Yup, thats the first time I met Elseed.  And what do I mean from my title “Making Art out of Art”, something like this: The F22 You would need to […]


Dear Marketing Department, Some of you guys are super talented.  I would like to invite you to quit your job and come to my restaurant everyday for all meals, take pictures, instastories and snapchat  in order to get awareness of my place, hence bring in paying clients. I will not pay you for feeding you, but thanks for all that promotion.  I do want to ask though, you may be well fed, but say you heard that non sense for […]

Instagram and the Power of Community

I get asked often how I transitioned into photography, so this is a short write up on how I came to join the IG community. “12 significant photographs in a year is a good crop” – Ansell Adams Once in a while, I have a shot that goes viral (by my standards, I am NOT a well known/great photographer by any means) but whenever something like that happens I always think about how great the community that I am in […]