Making Art out of Art

I have always been interested in Art.  Especially calligraphy.  So its no surprise that when I first started hearing about a street artist by the name ElSeed I would eventually shoot his work.

My first experience with him came when he was commissioned to paint this:


(shot on iPhone)

Yup, thats the first time I met Elseed.  And what do I mean from my title “Making Art out of Art”, something like this:

The F22

You would need to ask him about this insane paint he uses, that changes shades depending on how the sun is hitting it.  Here I was nearly blinded by its reflection and shot with my camera at F22 (in other words it was so bright I didn’t need the lens to let in allot of light – at all).

We have developed a friendship since.  So, when he was recently commissioned to do a project in Ajman I was there, and this time even included drone shots.  It was challenging because the area is quite busy & clustered but we were able to get some good results:




I am often told my shots look like paintings, and I think there is a whole category of shooting art that in itself would be considered art.

4 thoughts on Making Art out of Art

  1. Hey, so I’m not the only one!! Your photographs, (portraiture and landscape alike… well, Especially the latter), really do look remarkably like paintings. Every image is truly so fascinating. 🙂

  2. Very well desc and explained . Some look at cluttered places we feel what image can we make here . But yes we can make Art out of art . Your work is inSpiration .

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