How to get this shot? Wake up before dawn drive on to a bridge a bit away from the city tell your friend to stop at the side when you see the light hit the perfectly, one click and get moving again before the authorities show up ️ .

19 August, 2018

“Either I will conquer Istanbul or Istanbul will conquer me” – Fatih Sultan Mehmet .

15 August, 2018

This is a …… and there is a man on a …. .

11 August, 2018

The architecture, the history, the culture, the tolerance, the landscapes but most importantly the people, Oman 🇴🇲 truly is an amazing place. .

11 February, 2018

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears” – Rumi . Back in 🇴🇲 again for the second time this year. The people,the culture, the architecture everything about this country inspires me. Many more visits to come! .

2 December, 2017

The oldest tenant @visitjordan

28 August, 2017

Not easy framing the tallest building in the @burjkhalifa @dubai @passionpassport

20 August, 2017

“The ink of a scholar is more holy then the blood of a martyr” – Prophet Mohammad • I asked to take a 📸, he smiles and continues writing @passionpassport @istanbul

18 August, 2017

“Authority, Power and Wealth do not change a man; they only reveal him” – Ali Ibn Abi Talib 🌓 • The incredible Ortakoy Masjid – 1856

2 May, 2017

The 🇬🇧 Raj

27 March, 2017