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15 July, 2016

It’s about shooting something that’s been shot a billion times…differently @passionpassport

25 June, 2016

Future Portal

19 June, 2016

Old Frames New

18 June, 2016

V i n t a g e | #ArchitectureofSharjah #Grammasters3

5 November, 2015

Abduction | #Architecture #LookUp

2 September, 2015

Landed | #Architecture #LookUp

6 August, 2015

Sinan, no one has come close to your genius even after 427 years | #MasjidSeries #Architecture #OttomanEmpire

8 July, 2015

The Ablution area of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This place of worship and learning is a gem of mixing modern art and architecture with the styles found in the Mughal and Ottoman empires. The mosque can accommodate up to 40,000 worshipers, making it one of the largest in the world. The carpet in the main prayer hall is considered the largest carpet ever made. It costed more than half a billion $'s to make this masterpiece. All these facts aside, the most interesting one I found on my last visit there was that there are live reciters of the Holy Quran that change every one-two hours and the recitation is 24/7 365 days a year. This was the wish of the person the mosque is named after, the first President of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan who is also buried in this location | #MasjidSeries #inAbuDhabi #PPWallHunter @passionpassport

27 June, 2015

Roof Flip | #DubaiMall #Architecture

27 June, 2015