To nowhere • Shoutout to the man @iherok who has inspired so many creating these road/desert shots 👊

20 May, 2017

Been seeing allot of shots from this gem of a place recently so thought I’d re-share one of my favorite shots from here. Has anyone figured out what happened at this place? • Shoutout to the man @ramimansourr for taking us to this spot

19 March, 2017

Facade | Hypothesis of a

18 March, 2017

When you see shadows and your OCD goes into overdrive // Thank you @nicolas_qn for being patient with me

15 January, 2017

“Whatever purifies you is the right path” – Rumi

6 January, 2017


5 December, 2016

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a 🚪 ” – Milton Berle

27 November, 2016

E n e r g i z e d // directed by @gibsterg

24 September, 2016

Checked out a super creepy abandoned hospital this weekend

24 September, 2016

Sharjah has become the cultural hub of the UAE. If an old souq is not being used anymore, they’ll convert it into a museum.

22 September, 2016